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Let us tell you a little bit about us and what we're trying to do with Chin+Annie. Hope you come with us on this journey of discovery and wonder, encouraging us, supporting us and criticize us when you have to.

„Radiate boundless love to the entire world“: Buddha

Our Story

That’s what we want to do. The two souls behind Chin+Annie are so different and yet so alike. We are kindred spirits, grown up in different worlds. Chinnie in Sri Lanka, the creative and inspirational mastermind and Annie in Germany, the powerful sales force and organizational talent We are a powerful combination, like the sun and the moon or fire and water, or Virgo and Sagittarius... but we can tell you about that later.


With our sustainable products, we want to bring a smile to your face from when you get them to when you are wearing or using them. That’s our goal!


Our first collection of all-purpose tops and leggings is manufactured with lots of love in beautiful Sri Lanka, the home of Chinnie. All our collections will be limited editions. Our future plans even include using only dead stock material, means leftovers from the big players. We work with small manufacturers or even families, who are stitching our bags in their very own home. We care for the people working for us, and we care for the environment. Furthermore, we use recycled cardboard tags, biodegradable plastic bags and the smallest possible outer packing.


The world is a beautiful place, and especially beautiful is all its diversity. Remember our goal, it’s to make you smile. Because a smile brings so much peace and happiness and love, and it’s the only thing which doubles when you share it. So let’s start smiling.

By the way, you can share your smiles with us and tag us in your Instagram or Facebook stories.


There's no real point in thinking too far ahead and making elaborate plans or contemplating on what could've been. What if we live 'hopelessly'? Just living at the moment and living the vivid reality to the fullest! Because really the most well laid plan can go 'kaputt' or the most wonderful blessing could come unannounced.

„Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.“

  • Mother Theresa

Our products are unique.

Limited Edition.

We produce a range of products only once. Sometimes in clothing, we might retain a popular pattern, but it won't be offered in the same colours again.

No back orders.

If you see something you like, you better not contemplate. Once we run out of stock, there is no replenishment!

Cutting Edge Technology & Traditional Craftsmanship

Before we embarked on this journey, we were in a dilemma... how to establish a brand that offers modern hi-tech garments and handcrafted products but traditional craftspeople. We were a little worried the brand would lose its identity unless we choose one type and stick to it. But then we saw how the world is actually a place where these two worlds seamlessly combine all the time, and for the better of it.

So began the journey of Chin&Annie. Yoga and loungewear you could wear all day to handcrafted accessories and artefacts that are made by small-scale artisans with so much care and love.

Meet Nilmini...

She is our seamstress, master of bags, experimental pattern-maker and confidence booster.

Always with a smile, she happily takes up any challenge we throw at her and comes up with a solution, most of the time, better than our own solutions.

A single-mother. She sometimes works long hours. But with a steely gut, she never allows her young daughter to miss out on life.

Such people always inspire us. And throughout our journey we're hoping to meet many more such people and share their stories with you in our journal.

Ethics & Sustainability

We take the quality of our products and the ethical principles of our manufacturers very seriously and strive for the highest standards.

We only work with companies and individuals we have a personal relationship with and that share our norms and same views on quality.


Our materials are mostly natural. Sometimes though, on our quest to bring you the most comfort and durability, we have to choose something man-made. We are constantly exploring ways to source the ones that are made with the least impact on mother earth.


Our people are our strength. From making sure they're well compensated and having access to fair working conditions to taking time to get to know them at a deeper personal level, we do everything we can to grow together and make each other better.


We pack everything in eco-friendly materials. Our courier bags are of recycled paper and the clothes are packed in biodegradable polythene bags. And our delivery partner, DHL, is known world over for their efforts on travelling green.


Fur, feathers or leather is not used in our products. Also, animal components are not used in colouring or any other process


Our manufacturing happens in large to medium scale factories with a sound environmental policy or with small scale cottage manufacturers, often women, supplementing and strengthening the footing of an extended family unit.


No harmful chemicals or toxic gases are emitted during any of our manufacturing processes. We fund tree planting efforts and mangrove regeneration projects to reduce our carbon footprint.


Camaraderie / Chinthaka Paragoda Vithanage

47/3, Pepiliyana Road, Nedimala

Dehiwala 10350

Sri Lanka

Hackerstr. 4, Ebenhausen 82067


Telephone: +49-176-8786-7736


Managing Director:

Chinthaka Paragoda Vithanage

Commercial register: W/205013 (Camaraderie)

Sales Tax Identification Number: DE356028629

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (OS), which you can find here:

To participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer arbitration board, we are not obliged and not ready.