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Image of New York Monk Bag in Emerald Bliss
New York Monk Bag in Emerald Bliss



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New York Monk Bag in Emerald Bliss


A wide strapped Yoga bag inspired by the monk bags of East Asia. Ample carry space and wide adjustable strap makes it your ideal partner for your everyday life. The durable handloom fabric comes with minimum care and the beautiful colour transcend the seasons.

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Hand loomed, artisan made cotton sling bag is the ideal companion for the yoga class, festivals, beach, shopping, errands, baby essentials, parties, etc. The wide strap is adjustable with coconut shell button fastening. The interior is cotton lined and features pockets for your essential electronics and other small items. We’ve kept the inside as one big pocket for you to have quick and easy access. There’s also an outside pocket for frequently used items. This bag is fully stitched by a self-employed seamstress.

Dimensions: 43 x 36 x 30 cm (width x height x bottom)

Fabric & Care

SHRINKAGE: Handloom fabrics are prone to moderate shrinkage on the first wash. Expect up to 5-10% shrinkage with time depending upon how you care for the garment.

BLEEDING: Handloom and handwoven fabrics often bleed colour on the first few washes. Rub a wet cotton swab on the inside of seam or hem, and check if the fabric transfers dye into the cotton.

  • It’s best to handwash handloom fabrics for longevity. Wash in the machine with gentle cycles if you have to.
  • Always use cold water.
  • Close all the zippers, hooks & other fasteners before washing.
  • Never-ever put your handloom or handwoven clothes in a machine dryer.
Handwash Instructions

Soaking: Use mild detergent and cold water. Do not soak the clothes for too long. Wash the clothes immediately after soaking.

Rinsing: Rub the dirty areas gently with hand. Never use a brush, scrub or a solid bar of soap directly on your handloomed bags. Remove the detergent completely by rinsing a few times in cold water. Using diluted starch solution for the final rinse give a crisp finish.


Hang to drip-dry your handloomed bags in a well ventilated place away from direct sunlight.



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